Liderc Nadaly

(LIED-rick NAD-lee)
In Hungary there is a type of vampire known as a liderc nadaly. It hunts by appearing to lone travelers, using humor to gain their trust, and seduction to lure them into a secluded place. During sexual intercourse, it drains victims of their blood. It is especially fond of the blood of infants. It will also sneak into a home by shape-shifting into a ball of light, looking much like a CORPSE CANDLE, and flying down the chimney.
The liderc nadaly is created when a person eats the flesh of a man who was executed, and it can be destroyed by either staking it through the heart or driving a nail through its forehead. As it dies, the liderc nadaly changes into a werewolflike creature.
Source: Haining, Dictionary of Vampires, 259; Ronay, The Truth about Dracula, 22

Encyclopedia of vampire mythology . 2014.

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